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Testimonials about Keynote Speaker Hypnotist Arthur Fratelli’s performance.


when was the last time you laughed.

This is more than just a demonstration of the power of the mind, it’s a lesson in how the mind works when all cylinders are running!

That's a lot of band aids...

From convincing people they need a lot of band aids all over their face to making the number 3 disappear, Arthur Fratelli demonstrates the power of the sub-conscious with hilarious comedy routines that bring out the true potential comedian in all of us!


when was the last time you laughed like that?

Arthur’s presentations are ideal for corporate events, colleges, awards banquets and anywhere you need someone amazing!

...and that's why i was speeding...

Yes, the classic routines are great, but it’s Arthur’s message that makes the difference!


Seen enough?

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The Perfect Corporate Entertainer

Arthur Fratelli is the clean, professional corporate Magician and Mentalist that not only engages with your audience but leaves them questioning their reality. Arthur does not have supernatural powers… as far as you know…

This Is Much More Than A Simple "Magic" Show

Psychological planting, the ability to read people’s micro-expressions and body language, hypnosis, skill, quick wit and YEARS of performing have laid the foundation for this extremely engaging show.

You Will Remember This Show For Years

Corporate parties, banquets, trade shows, awards ceremonies, or as an emcee, Arthur Fratelli can provide corporate party entertainment for any crowd of any size in any venue. This performance is clean enough for your grandparents and intelligent enough for the national MENSA meeting!

60 Minutes Of Pure Entertainment

Arthur has performed magic and mentalism all over the country, in front of thousands of party-goers, and some of the biggest corporations in the country, such as Chevrolet, McDonald’s, 3M, Verizon, and Monsanto, to name a few.

Only the most amazing

As a mentalist performer, Arthur already knows your guests will be talking about this experience for years!

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