Train the Brain!

Imagine yourself memorizing a shuffled deck of cards

1962 Impala 2 of Hearts
Classic Car to you, 2 of Hearts to me!


 having someone shuffle a deck of cards, hand it back to you and within 120 seconds you then recite them in correct order-all 52 cards!

Lucky for you-an AMAZING person, you are the owner of a brain and if you have a brain you have IMAGINATION. Imagination will allow you to VISUALIZE things real or imagined. 

 At this point, keep an open mind, give yourself permission to use your imagination and read on!


Remember when your parents and teachers would catch you daydreaming and redirect you to the moment. Turns out all that daydreaming is an important skill we can all refine and use. Without daydreaming (letting your imagination run wild) we would have never evolved into the creative beings we are today. We are going to use that imagination that exists inside each of us to setup a system that makes memorizing a shuffled deck (and much more) possible for ANYONE to learn.

On our journey to learn this skill we will be exercising parts of our brain we rarely use. You will find it frustrating at first, then challenging, then simple. It’s a journey!


When you look at an Ace of Hearts, what do you see? A suit and a symbol. 

Not terribly memorable as far as your brain is concerned, it’s busy being distracted by anything else.

 Your brain remembers things in IMAGES. The more vivid, details, and most importantly BIZARRE, STRANGE,  the more downright UNFORGETTABLE it will be.

Here’s exactly how I do it…or at least part of it.

In my imagination-each suit is a genre and each card is from that genre. Here’s my setup.



Diamonds-Disney Characters

Clubs-Bands/Musicians that play in clubs.

So now when you say Ace of Hearts, I see (after practice), A 2022 C8 Corvette, silver, black interior, I can even hear the exhaust whine down in my imagination as it burns out of my memory palace (more on that another time).

You say Four of Clubs, I see the Beatles being introduced by Ed Sullivan.

 Remember- MAKE THE IMAGES VIVID and REAL! Make them come to life in your mind. 

With some CONSCIOUS effort over time you will easily associate your images to the cards.  I always see action in my cards, the action between the cards should link from one to another in a unique “story.”

Practice this and make it fun. Within a few days you will see AMAZING improvemets. Once you get pretty good at remembering a few cards in a row, you will  plug this story into your Memory Palace (another blog post about that coming).

Repeat this over time and you will surprise yourself how quickly you will be on the way to being able to memorize a deck of shuffled cards.

Now, go out and be AMAZING!

Comedy Hypnotist Arthur Fratelli at a corporate holiday party in Des Moines Iowa.
Arthur Fratelli is an expert comedy stage hypnotist, certified hypnotherapist, educator, entertainer and keynote speaker. As a full time professional speaker, Arthur has performed his presentations and comedy hypnosis shows in over 38 states. With a degree in education, an immersive education at Second City Chicago studying writing and improvisation, years spent in the fields of philosophy, psychology, martial arts, and stage presenting, Arthur demonstrates how to use your brain to become the person you want to be. 

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