Post Prom Hypnotist 2022!

High School Hypnotist

It’s the time of the year when my phone starts ringing for post prom hypnosis shows and graduate safe events.

This is one of my favorite types of events as speaking to high school students gives me the opportunity to show them the power of their minds. 

With start times between midnight and 3:30am it’s a strange job, but watching the students and staff enjoying the show make the odd hours worth it.

My job is to guide students into their sub-conscious mind, silencing their “inner-critic” and thus allowing them to be silly.

I’m entering the 21st year of speaking at post proms and graduate safe events. I am looking forward to bringing the presentation to high school students all over Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota! 

Post Prom Hypnotist
Post Prom Hypnotist in North Dakota

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