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Keynote Speaker.

What is a presentation from Keynote Speaker Arthur Fratelli like?

It's about the Power of the Mind.

As one the of midwest’s most sought after speakers, Arthur Fratelli is a dynamic personality and communicator in business, higher education, and athletic circles. For two decades he has not only studied the science of the subconscious, skill building, controlling one’s own thoughts, and being in the “MOMENTum of NOW,” he has been presenting it to professional crowds in a fun visual manner that is easy to understand and practical to apply.

Showing, not telling.

Arthur DEMONSTRATES and provides EVIDENCE to support his message in real time on stage. Wielding lollipops, spoons, and a deck of cards, Arthur understands how to keep the audience engaged.  With a charismatic approach, consider this a master class in pattern interrupts, anecdotes, and participation.

 "If you can control your critic, you can control your life."

In this engaging presentation, Arthur demonstrates the power of the mind in real-time, in a fun, interactive way that will stick with your crowd. Arthur energizes the audience to meet the daily challenges of life and career.

For over two decades Arthur has not only studied the science of practice, silencing your “inner critic” and how to utilize the sub-conscious, he has been presenting it!

Your crowd will leave saying, “I am going to own my brain now!”

More than just words.

A certified Hypnotherapist, former public educator, and veteran speaker. Arthur is a leading authority on achievement communication for audiences of all ages all over the country, he energizes people to meet the challenges of the world around them. He skillfully weaves his compelling life story into his visually engaging presentation.  From his childhood as a Ward of the State to training with MMA UFC Champions to his time parenting 5 kids, Arthur encourages the audience touting why you can’t afford to be complacent and to aim high, achieve and make an impact on the world.

Continuing Education.

With clear objectives and standards, this presentation qualifies as Continuing Education Hours. With my presentation I can fulfill your CEU requirements in a way that will stick with the audience long after the event. Arthur’s presentation includes lessons from modern neurology, the school of stoicism, and psychology.

Clear Objectives!

By the end of the “Finding Balance” presentation the audience will be able to-

  • identify our “inner critic.”
  • put our “inner critic” to work for us!
  • realize our “slips” into the past (potential depression) or the future (potential anxiety).
  • get in the “MOMENTUM OF NOW!”
  • employ the “Wim Hof” Breathing Technique.
  • build skills while you sleep.
  • recognize and encourage the “subconscious handshake.”
  • solve for “X” and find balance!
Hypnosis or No hypnosis.

Arthur’s Keynote Presentation can be presented with or without the hypnosis demonstration. Either way it’s a presentation that the crowd won’t soon forget.

A passion for speaking!

In business as in real life there are always going to be ups and downs. However, where there is a will, there is always a way to achieve amazing results for your organization. When Arthur Fratelli fills the room with his high-impact, visual and important message you will find his presentation unforgettable!

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Comedy Hypnotist Arthur Fratelli at a corporate holiday party in Des Moines Iowa.
Arthur Fratelli is an expert comedy stage hypnotist, certified hypnotherapist, educator, entertainer and keynote speaker. As a full time professional speaker, Arthur has performed his presentations and comedy hypnosis shows in over 38 states. With a degree in education, an immersive education at Second City Chicago studying writing and improvisation, years spent in the fields of philosophy, psychology, martial arts, and stage presenting, Arthur demonstrates how to use your brain to become the person you want to be.