Corporate Hypnotist Entertainer in St Louis, MO

Hypnotism has been around since before the common era, but it was only brought into the eye of the general public around 1770. It can be used to break bad habits and manage pain, but today, it’s also commonly used to entertain.

If you’re looking for an interesting keynote speaker for your next event in St. Louis, MO, contact me — Arthur Fratelli, a corporate hypnotist entertainer. I’ll baffle you and please your audience, leaving everyone laughing and fully entertained as I present. Learn more below.

Hypnosis for Corporate Events

Although humor is ever-present in my work, I also aim to teach. Your employees will be laughing and learning at the same time. Some lessons that I’ve incorporated into my speaking include how to focus, increase productivity, and set and achieve goals.

I’ll demonstrate breathing techniques that can be used to focus and teach how to stay in the moment and silence your inner critic so you can progress. I’ll also offer a step-by-step training on how to get your brain where you want it to be, and I’ll do all of these as I entertain the room and connect with the crowd.

Experience to Match My Skill

I use my skills and experience with hypnosis to demonstrate what I am teaching more tangibly for my listeners. I have experience presenting for a variety of gatherings, so you can be sure that I’ll provide the perfect experience for your team. I’ll tailor my presentation to my audience, whether it’s for an award banquet, a corporate training seminar, a holiday party, or even a sales meeting.

I love to travel, so I am happy to present anywhere across the country, but especially from Denver, CO, to Chicago, IL, and from Minneapolis, MN, to Tulsa, OK. If you need a corporate hypnotist to speak for an event near you, contact me today.


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