Comedy Hypnosis Show Audience In Omaha

Why a Comedy Hypnotist

3 reasons a Comedy hypnosis show is always a hit (2021)

Comedy Hypnosis Show Audience In Omaha

Comedy Hypnotist to the stage!

The history of comedy hypnosis is interesting, I have to credit a psychology professor I worked with right out of high school I was mesmerized watching the volunteers pretend to be Elvis, speak another language and in every way put their “inner critic” to the side and truly not care what anyone watching was thinking. They just go on stage and uncritically accepted suggestions. It was like real magic!


Comedy Hypnosis Shows are...


Since that day I’ve dug deep and researched everything I could about the power of the brain. I’ve since made a living presenting on stage. for all types of audiences.

 I have a vast background of interest that I take to the stage. 

Hypnosis Shows, Mentalism Shows, Magic Shows, I have not only researched these talents, but I have refined them and re-imagined them for a modern audience. 

Magic Shows, comedians, and speakers are all great choices for a live presentation, but only a comedy hypnotist can bring a show that makes the audience the stars of the show!

Comedy Hypnosis shows are…

  • Interactive
  • Engaging
  • Intelligent
  • Memorable
If you are looking for a performance that is guaranteed to get laughs, look no further! I can make your next event AMAZING!

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